How Is Our Vision To Be Healthy In 2010?

Government made so many efforts to increase public health status. They used many ways to get it eventhough the result is not absolutely satisfying. This condition can be caused by national development which is not completely focus in health development. It showed by the fund allocation of national development in health sector that’s only about 2 %. Actually we can’t deny that we do need funding in reaching our vision and lacking of fund can be the problem. That’s why, we should make the other strategy to face this reality such as public empowerment to increase fund. Then, we can carry out the programme well with enough fund.
In 1999 Indonesian government declared about the vision of health development : Indonesia Sehat 2010. Why 2010? Because they thought that it’s possible to make a dream to be real during 10 years. So, it would be challenging and realistic. We do need contribution from all of sectors in reaching this vision. So, all of development sectors have to support this vision and don’t have do anything that’s possible to result bad impact for it. In the other words, they have to consider the impact of their policies and also activities in health.
In this case, health sector has to keep and improve all of Indonesian (society) health without leaving curative and rehabilitative efforts. Somehow, here the priority is promotive and preventive activity. To get health perfectly, we do need healthy environment. So, creating healthy environment has also to be the priority.
Health is always interesting to discussed. As we know that public health status depends on many things such as environment, behavior, public health service, and heredity. Based on Bloom’s theory, environment has the biggest role in determining public health status. In this case, environment is not only biological environment but also social and physical environments. Let’s see our environment first! Is it good??
Well, not long ago, some disasters happened here, in Indonesia, our beloved country. Certainly, the disasters have a lot of impacts to so many aspects of life. It influences public health status, natural resources, and so on. Furthermore, the economic status of Indonesia also gets the bad impact. I’d like to take a lot of pity for this situation. Many people dead and some diseases were going to appear because of disasters. Even, it can support the beginning of an outbreak so public health status becomes worse, worse, and worse. That’s a big problem, of course. But, Indonesia has to fight it and try to be better. Just take some lessons from that and make efforts to improve the condition, included public health side.
Actually we still have lots environment problems like garbage. It’s caused by ourselves. Everyone produce garbage everyday but only a few people who manage the garbage well. And why? Let’s ask to ourselves! That facts also influence public health status.
Government decided some indicators of successful of our vision : Indonesia Sehat 2010. They are mortality, morbidity, nutritious status, environment, public behavior, accessibility and quality of public service, public service, health resources, health management, and contribution of the other sectors. Now, is 2010. Don’t you think that this project is successful, do you?
One of the indicators is 80% healthy house in Indonesia 2010. We are going to prove it. But, as written above about disaster, is it possible to reach that indicator? The disasters destroyed so many things include home area. Many people lose their home and they have no good place to live now. So, how to make healthy house? And, how to reach the indicator? Perhaps it’s possible to get it but we have to look at our resources first, enough or not. But, we have to remember that time is finished because now is 2010. It means that now is our time to look the result of project. It’s successful or not anyway. In the other word, is Indonesia really really healthy now (in 2010) ?
By the beginning of 2010 Indonesia still has had lots problem in health. For example, malnutrition. There are some kinds of malnutrition such as under nutrition, spesific nutrition, over nutrition, and imbalance nutrition. Under nutrition will happen if someone is absolutely lack of nutrition in a period of time. Specific nutrition will happen if someone is lack of one or some nutrition in a period of time. Over nutrition will happen if someone overeat or consumes nutrition more than the need in a period of time. Imbalance nutrition will happen if someone consumes disproportional nutrition, for example : fat that can cause some health cases.
We often get information from media mass about some children who are in undernutrition status. Beside that, some cases in nutritious scope like obesity is often held in society. Many people don’t control their own diet. There are two possibilities why they do it. The first one, they don’t know about the good diet for themselves. And the second, actually they know well but they don’t like to apply or practice it in their life. Somehow, many people just look for the easiest way to serve something, especially meals. That’s not a good attitude and we must change it.
From some facts above, I can say that Indonesian health has to be improved and improved. When we talk about health, we’ll always realize that health has an important role in our life. We can’t do everything without it, can we? We always find health problems and we witness it’s never finished. How a terrible situation it is!
Sometimes we see some foods with bad quality are sold. I mean, the foods have dangerous contain like formaldehid, etc. Usually foods with bad quality is cheaper. Despite of the quality, so many people like to buy and consume that foods. Don’t they consider the impact of their habit? Most of Indonesian people only consider the price of the thing that they want to buy, not the quality. They prefer like to buy the cheaper one, whatever the quality.
Looking at Indonesian condition right now, we have to think how to solve the problem we have so that Indonesia goes to be healthy in 2010 reached. That’s not only government job. But, every Indonesian have to give contribution for it.
Go Indonesia! Go healthy!

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